Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why Do We Have Hands?

From "100 Questions on the 100th Day of School"
by the 1st Graders of Global Academy, Columbia Heights, MN

Question 44: Where do names come from?

Question 46: Why don't numbers stop?

Question 10: Why are we shaped in a body shape?

Question 22: Why do strangers live in the world?

Question 61: Why do we have hands?

Question 83: Why do you tell secrets?

Question 20: Why is there a God?

Question 48: Why do robots live?

Question 7: Why do we need a world?

Question 14: Why are we not having fun?


Chris Martin said...

What won’t need
this song coming
from the trees?
How the mountain’s
pulmonary gold
slowly breathes?
Or pulverized air
where the truck
hits the street?
Just the breastbone’s
billow as it seethes
beneath skin’s sheet.

martha said...

"We're playing on the Hobo Burial Ground," chirp the Central Park 8yr olds.