Friday, January 23, 2009


You might know that in my not very spare time I write about professional basketball. In many ways its very much like a "job"--in that, for instance, I produce stuff and in return for that production I'm paid in money. It's a strange "job" for me to have in a way, since I've never been either an organized competitive basketball player--curiously, my lack of height, leaping ability and basketball skill appears to have been a hindrance--or a journalist of any kind. Not strange, though, because NBA basketball, especially when viewed very close up, as I have the outrageous good fortune to be able to do every week, is fucking amazing. Part of what I consider this "job" of mine to entail is attempting to convince thinking folks like yourselves of same. Of the physical genius and grace, the political fascination, the flux between order and chaos, freedom and constraint--basically the outrageous beauty of this game as practiced by some very tall, very rich men. Also, you might learn something (lots more than you'd probably ever want to, actually) about a really mediocre basketball team. So, if that piques your fancy, here are some recent examples. And my two faves from last season.

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